Not just a normal pet tag.

Why share one phone number, when you can have multiple numbers, addresses and offer rewards when your pet gets lost.

Update Anytime

Store as much information as you like. Updated anytime, from anywhere.

Offer Rewards

Add incentive for the safe return of your pet.

No App Needed

All smartphones* can interact with MYNE tags, without the need to download an app.

It starts with a tap.

Our products are embedded with NFC technology, meaning all smartphones can scan them, without the need to download an app.

Simply tap your phone on any MYNE product or enter tag code at

Store more than just a number.

You can share as much or as little information as you like, whilst retaining full controll over what a finder will see.

Multiple mobile numbers
Favorite treats
Anything you want

Found something?

Enter tag code to return.