Frequently Asked Questions


It’s a simple, safe and affordable way to connect your personal items to the digital world. Anyone with a smartphone can interact with our micro-chipped products, without having to download yet another app. It allows you to claim ownership of your items by using NFC embedded microchipped products. Think of it as a digital nametape.
No, we feel that Bluetooth trackers have their place in the digital world, but MYNE is approaching the lost and found issue from a different perspective by using passive NFC microchipped products.

MYNE's advantages:

  • Cheaper
  • No batteries so they will always work.
  • No need to rely on someone with the app walking near your lost item.
  • Finder can anonymously contact owner
  • Anyone can interact with MYNE tags, no app needed.
80 million items are lost each year in the UK and only 25% of them get back to their owner. We're on a mission to help reunite more people with their lost belongings.
No, our approach means that people actively interact with MYNE products by tapping their smartphone on the tag or by entering the MYNE code on our homepage.
MYNE's "Personal IDs" are digital business cards that allow users to share their social or business contact details with the tap of a smart phone. Users have full controll over what information is shared and users can change it whenever they want.


NFC stands for “Near Field Communication” and, as the name implies, it enables short-range communication between compatible devices.

A device (smartphone) sends out a signal that interacts with the microchips inside MYNE products. The smartphone then receives an "echo" which contains the information stored on the chip. This transfer of information only works over a 2-5cm distance, so your device needs to be very close to the MYNE product.
There are two ways to interact with a MYNE tag. The easiest way is to tap your smartphone on the MYNE tag in the same way you pay by contactless. You need to place the tag as close as possible to the scanner in your phone.

The second way to search for an item is to enter the MYNE coden on the homepage.
scan lost digital key ring
Almost all smartphones released after 2016 are compatible with NFC microchips. See the list of compatible phones here.

Even if your device is not NFC compatible, you can still interact by searching the MYNE code on the homepage.
We have a step-by-step process for setting up all our MYNE products that can be found at
Due to the way the radio frequencies interact with MYNE tags, some metal objects interfear with the "echo". The anti-metal layer allows the signals to travel freely to and from your device and MYNE products. If you plan to attach MYNE tags to metal objects, it is advised to get tags which contain a layer on "anti-metal" material.


The platform
Payments made on MYNE’s platform are carried out by PayPal as we want to limit the amount of data we collect on our users. We believe your data is private and confidential and we prefer to utilise safe and secure payment gateways. You can use debit or credit cards through your PayPal account.

The store
All payments regarding the purchasing of tags is handled by shopify and so MYNE never stores any user payment details on our servers.
We offer promotional offers at various times throughout the year. Multiple promotions will not work in conjunction with each other. Strictly only one promotion per order.
We accept a wide variety of payment methods on our online shop. Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Maestro, Shop Pay, Apple pay, google pay and paypal.

To offer and receive rewards within the platform, you must have a Paypal account.


Postage costs depend on the order value, and postal address for the order. All our postage costs are calculated at checkout.

UK order over £25 will be free delivery.
We aim to get orders that are made before 2pm GMT (mon-friday), sent out the same day. Depending on the delivery option selected at checkout, you will receive your products within 1-3 days. There may be some delays due to events out of our control but we are happy to assist with any enquiries if your order doesn't arrive in a reasonable time period.
If you encounter issues with your products please reach out to our support team within 7 days. They will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. All our products are checked before they leave us but if for some reason there is a fault, we will do our best to get a replacement product out to you. In some cases we may not require you to send back the faulty unit, as we will be deactivating it from our end, and so it will no longer be usable. If we need to investigate further we will ask you to return it, at MYNE’s expense.
We ship worldwide.
Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email confirming when it's on it's way. Depending on the shipping option you select at checkout the item should be with you within the week (UK). International shipping can take up to 3 weeks depending on the shipping option selected. If you realise you entered an incorrect address at checkout you can contact us straight away to get it changed. If the order has already been shipped, we are unable to offer a refund or resend products until the original shipment is back to our facility. We do not cover the costs for a customers error.


Absolutely, MYNE is always looking to partner with companies that fit our ethos and ethics. Please reach out to us at
We don't currently have an automated referral system. Having said that, if you have a following or want to work with us, we are open to conversations.
We may be able to offer personalised discount codes for your following, and work out a commission bonus for you.
We are looking for new and exciting opportunities to work with companies who want to add a unique selling point to thier products by incorporating MYNE tags. Please reach out if you think you may be a good