How it works.

scan lost digital key ring

It all starts with a tap.

Hold your phone on the tag, and open up the browser.

Each model of phone has a slightly different NFC reader location. For iPhones, it's on the top edge. For other smart phones, it can often be found in the middle, on the back.

Step by step.

NFC Compatible Phones.

Most smartphones* manufactured in the past five years are compatible with MYNE products.

Even if your phone isn't campatible via NFC, simply head over to and type in the tag's code.

How we are different.

We're not another Bluetooth tracker.
MYNE takes a different approach to the lost and found market.

Features MYNE. Other Tags Bluetooth
Price £2+ ~£7+ ~£15+
Size 1cm+ 4 cm+ 4 cm+
Thickness 0.5mm 2.5 mm 3 mm
Messaging Safe and secure

You have control

Live tracking Coming soon