How it works.

Anyone can interact with a MYNE product. It all starts with the tap of a phone. No app or subscription needed.

Protect your items.

MYNE. is a simple, safe and affordable way to add protection to your personal items. We offer a way to help your lost items find their way home.

Protect your pets.

Our digital pet tags make it easy to share your information, offer rewards and alert finders that your pet is lost.


Why do you need MYNE?

Everyone loses something at some point in their life and most of the time it is found by someone. MYNE allows your items to make their way home.


MYNE is an affordable way to add an extra layer of security to your items, incase they get lost.

Saves Money

$50 billion worth of items are lost each year, with only 20% returned to the rightful owner.

Environmental Impact

MYNE tags help reduce waste by eliminating the need for people to replace lost items.

Found something?

Let's return it.