Adding a lost and found tag to your MYNE account

Adding a Tag to Your MYNE Account

Adding a Tag to Your MYNE Account

Keeping track of personal belongings and staying organized has never been easier with MYNE's NFC microchip technology.

Our platform allows you to connect items to the digital world, revolutionising the way we approach lost and found, and item tracking. Adding a MYNE tag to your account is a simple, three-step process that you can easily follow. Firstly, log into your MYNE account.

Once you're in, there are three different methods to add a tag to your account.

1. Using NFC Tag: Simply tap your phone on an NFC tag and watch it instantly link to your account. 

2. Scanning a QR Code: Some MYNE products come with a QR code. Open up your camera app, scan the QR code and click the pop up to add it to your account. 

Iphone scanning a MYNE QR code

3. Manually adding an Alphanumeric Code: Navigate to "My Tags" in the platform and select "Add Tag". Enter the Alphanumeric code found on the MYNE product. 

Screen shot showing how to add a MYNE lost and found smart tag

After following these steps, the tag will automatically be added to your account.


You can repeat this process until all your tags are linked to your account. 


By visiting "My Tags" from the menu, you will find all your tags associated with your account.

From here, you can link these tags to your personal items or profile cards, ensuring you stay organised and in control of your belongings.

MYNE lost and found product range

Seamlessly connecting your items to the digital world is as easy as these steps. Discover the world of organisation and tracking with MYNE.