Scaning a MYNE Tag

Scaning a MYNE Tag

Scaning a MYNE Tag

Easily Link Items to the Digital World

Scanning MYNE Tags is as easy as making a contactless payment - truly!

In this digital era, MYNE is revolutionising the way we handle our items. We are connecting items to the digital world, creating a smart lost and found system. What might sound complicated is simple - let's delve into how to scan a MYNE Tag effectively.

1. Locate your phone’s NFC reader.

Typically, for iPhones, this can be found on the top edge, while for many other models, it resides on the backside of the phone. 


2. Tap the tag

Position the phone on the MYNE product just like you would for contactless payments.


3. Click the notification  

The MYNE platform will open up on your phones browser of choice. 


Many MYNE tags come with a unique QR code.

Simply use your phone's camera to scan this code: point your camera at the tag and tap the notification that pops up on the screen.

Scanning a MYNE smart business card QR code with an iphone


As an additional backup, each MYNE tag comes with an alphanumeric code. Users can manually input this code on the MYNE website for the same data access.

Alphanumeric code location.pdf


Scanning a MYNE tag is that simple!

By making connecting items to the digital world so seamless, we hope to simplify your life as much as possible. In our quest to create a smart and convenient lost and found system, we at MYNE, encourage you to join our journey of innovation. 


Having issues scanning with NFC? 

AndroidMake sure your phone's NFC is turned on in the settings section.

iPhone - Make sure you iPhone is compatible with NFC tags.