Adding an Item or Pet to Your MYNE Account

Adding an Item or Pet to Your MYNE Account

Adding an Item or Pet to Your MYNE Account

MYNE, a high-tech platform where you can link your physical possessions to the digital world using NFC microchipped products.

But how do you get started? This "how-to" guide will teach you how to easily add an item or pet to your MYNE account.


Start by navigating to the "My Items" section in your account menu. Here you’ll find the option to "Add Item". The beauty of MYNE is that it provides the flexibility for you to input as little or as much information as you're comfortable with.


Screenshot of how to add an item to the MYNE platform



The first (and only truly necessary) step is naming your item. If you're tagging a pet, some prefer to leave the name blank for security reasons, but what you decide to share is entirely up to you. As part of this digital lost and found system, we recommend sharing as much information as necessary to ensure the safety and quick recovery of your beloved pet or valuable item.

A prime benefit of MYNE platform is the ability to share important information via the description box. For instance, if your dog has specific dietary requirements or medication needs, this is crucial information a finder should know immediately – a level of detail traditional pet tags simply can't match.


Screenshot of MYNE platform adding and editing an item



Rest assured, not all data you enter will be accessible to a finder. Only the item's name, your contact numbers, the description, and images will be visible. Other information is solely for your own management and convenience.

Part of MYNE’s unique value is the ability to add rewards to your items, incentivising people to return them. You can also group items if you wish, greatly facilitating item organisation.


Linking your item to one of your MYNE tags can be done immediately if you have already added your tags or at a later date, depending on your preference.

Linking a MYNE tag to an item


In the final stage, multiple phone numbers and the item's usual location can be added for ultimate convenience.

Myne platform screenshot of adding multiple phone numbers

Once the item is saved, it will be visible and editable on your "my items" page.


Always bear in mind that you should only provide details you're comfortable sharing with those interacting with your tagged item.


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