How to Reassign a tag to another asset

How to Reassign a tag to another asset

How to Reassign a tag to another asset

As innovative as ever, MYNE introduces another flexible and easily accessible feature that allows you to reassign your MYNE tags to different items any time, anywhere.

You can utilise one MYNE tag for many purposes. It's all about connecting items to the digital world.

There's no rocket science involved here.

To get started, head to "my tags" on the platform.

Click on the alphanumeric code you want to edit.

A pop-up appears guiding you to the next steps, which basically are two options. 


1. The first option allows you to assign the tag to another item simply by searching the new item from the drop-down list. 

2. The second option allows you to un-assign the tag from all items. This would then allow you to reassign it any item again or leave it unused.

Why consider reassignment?

Let’s go through a few beneficial scenarios. Suppose you have multiple pets but only take them out individually. By reassigning the tags, you can utilize one pet tag for many pets.

Additionally, if you are a networking professional, reassigning tags allows you to operate multiple business card profiles with just one physical card. Therefore, adapting to the context of every different networking event you encounter – seamlessly.


The MYNE platform lifts the barriers between the physical and digital worlds, connecting your assets intuitively and conveniently - making this process as easy as losing and finding items.