How to Update an Item

How to Update an Item

How to Update an Item

First things first, log in to your MYNE account. If you're not already a user, signing up is easy and takes just a few moments.

Once you've logged in, navigate to the "My Item" section in your account dashboard. This contains a list of all your personal items you've linked with MYNE tags.

Screenshot of Myne's lost and found site showing my the items someone owns


2. Next, select the particular item you'd like to update. Whether it's a pair of headphones, a bicycle, or your dog's collar, just click on it and you'll be brought to the item's information page.

Screenshot of the MYNE lost and found platform showing information about an individual item

3. Spot the "edit" button? Good! Click on this, and it'll bring you to an intuitive page layout similar to when you first added the item. 

4. Now you can start making changes. Whether it's modifying the owner's contact details for a lost and found item or updating the medical information for your pet, every change is possible here.

5. Remember to navigate through each step of the process, ensuring all info you'd like to update has been correctly edited. When you're done, click "save" on the last page.

Screenshot of MYNE platform showing how to edit the information about a personal item

And there you go!

Your item's information on MYNE is now up-to-date. You've not only connected your item to the digital world but also made sure that the information shared is current, increasing the chances of a safe return, in the unfortunate event that you misplace your item.