Smart Business Card - Tap or Scan to share any information

by MYNE.
Type: ID card

Enhance your networking with the innovative Smart Business Card. Tap or scan to easily share any information from your MYNE branded card. Never hand out outdated info again with the option to update it anytime, perfect for any event!


Looking for a little more personalisation? Contact us to customise your smart business card with your own logo.

Most smartphones released after 2017 are fully compatible with all MYNE products, but please check out our FAQ for more information.

All our products work in at least one of these 3 ways.

QR Code

Scan the qr code with your phones camera app.

NFC (Near Field Communication)

Place a MYNE product on your phone's NFC reader location. iPhone scanners are on the top edge of your phone. Most other brands have the reader on the back of the phone.

Enter code

Visit and enter the code to access the information.


You have full control over how much information you share.

Medical information, allergies, multiple contact details, addresses – it's completely up to you.

Free products on all orders over £20

We will add MYNE holographic QR stickers to all orders over £20.
You can add these to your items for extra protection.